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Neoprene crisis: no wetsuit under the tree at Christmas?

2021-12-24 Related link

Franceinfo:sport, a famous French sports media had interviewed Jeff Shiue, the Director of Sales at SHEICO Group about his aspect on the current status for the outdoor and water sports industries.

"During the pandemic and the lockdowns," Jeff Shiue explains to Franceinfo: sport, "the popularity of watersports surged. We currently have to balance the huge demand for wetsuits with shortages of several key raw materials for wetsuit production. The most severe shortage is for the polychloroprene chips, which is a global concern for every wetsuit manufacturer. Fortunately, having strong relationships with rubber suppliers gave SHEICO the opportunity to preemptively secure the majority of raw materials we need. In addition, we also encourage brands to use more sustainable substitute materials that are in more abundant supply, such as our "Organiprene" natural rubber product."

"When raw material pricing and shipping costs increased to the extent that it has over the last year, unfortunately, we had no choice but to reflect part of that cost increase to our customers. However, the price adjustments are only to maintain our profit margins, and SHEICO will amend the price accordingly as soon as raw material pricing goes back to normal."

SHEICO Group donates 150 tablet computers for SVG children

2021-11-18 Related link

Taipei, Nov. 18 (CNA) Taiwanese sportswear company SHEICO Group donated 150 tablet computers to the Embassy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Thursday to help students access online education in areas affected by the La Soufrière volcanic eruption. The donation of the 150 tablet computers took place at a ceremony at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei after a request by the SVG Embassy to the Global Disaster Relief Alliance, which was answered by the SHEICO Group. Expressing thanks for the donation, SVG Ambassador to Taiwan Andrea Bowman said that the students of the "Red Zone" of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines would be grateful for the donation. SHEICO Group President and CEO Min Shiue (薛敏誠) said he wanted to use the opportunity to thank SVG for its strong vocal support for Taiwan on the international stage. (By William Yen) Enditem/ASG

SHEICO’s ECO Wetsuit Reported by Tauchen Magazine

2021-07-14 Related link

Tauchen Magazine, a famous Diving Magazine from Germany, recently published an article on how wetsuits and neoprene production can get greener in its latest issue. As the industry leader, the article also highlighted how SHEICO’s ECO wetsuits are produced by using more environmentally friendly techniques, such as doped-dye yarn, recycled polyester, Eco carbon black, water-based glue, neoprene recycling process, and limestone neoprene. With these efforts, we are able to save huge amounts of raw materials, energy, and water resources.

SHEICO's Innovation Reported by

2015-02-20 Related link highlighted SHEICO's Channel Flow technology as the “next generation advanced moisture management technology” in its article “New fiber and fabric innovations for outdoor wear” in February. The Channel Flow technology was recognized among other top innovations.

Forbes: Warm Even In Chilly Waters, Taiwan's SHEICO Group Dominates The Wetsuit Market

2014-09-08 Related link

SHEICO developed its business in the water sports apparel market for more than 40 years and it has become the largest wetsuits manufacturer in the world. Forbes interviewed the Founder Mr. Pi-Goong Shiue and the Managing Director Mr. Min Shiue and introduced the dramatic history of the water sports giant, SHEICO, to the world.